Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Princess's Butterflies

In this post I told you how twelve butterflies -- eleven Monarches and an awesome Black Swallowtail -- emerged from their chrysalises and ventured into the world on the day that Princess Sunni began her journey to England -- twelve butterflies for the twelve years of her life. Here are some pictures of those butterflies from that day, including one of a Monarch resting in the hair of the Princess's brother Kyle, and one of a Monarch in Judi's hands (click on any picture for a larger version):

Three Monarches

Three Monarches and Orange Juice

Monarch in Kyles Hair

Monarch in Judis Hands

This is the Princess's Black Swallowtail:

Sunnis Black Swallowtail

There's one more picture of the Black Swallowtail, but it's too painful to post here, and so to see it you will have to jump to my other blog that I mentioned a while back. To see that picture, click here. You will need to be approved to read that blog (reason explained in the aforementioned post), but if you would like to be approved, all you need to do is ask. Click here and send me a message. That's all you need to do. I will approve you (as long as you're not Certain Someone). I promise.

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