Sunday, August 17, 2008

Announcing changes to this blog

I enjoy writing posts to this blog (as few readers as I have, you know I don't do it for the fame :), but sometimes things don't work out the way they should. And I'm sorry to report that there is a Certain Someone who has used information I've posted about Judi and Princess Sunni to cause Judi harm.

Judi and I have talked about this, and we agree that we can't give Certain Someone more ammunition to hurt her. At the same time, Judi doesn't want to close my blog to surfers of the Internet's Tubes, or cut off any loyal readers who are interested in news about her and/or Sunni. So this is what we've decided:

I will not post about Judi or Sunni on this blog any more. Instead, I've started a new blog, There's No Need to Fear (get it?:), and that's where I'll be posting about these two special ladies. It's at:

However... the new blog won't be public. It will only to open to approved readers. But if you want to be approved to read (be the first approved reader on your block!:), all you have to do is ask. Just click here and send me a message. Everyone who asks will be approved (except, of course, Certain Someone).

But (I hear you say), yet another blog that I have to check? No. You will not have to check the new blog. Any time I post there, I'll also post a notice and a link here, on this blog, so if you're a regular reader here you'll just be able to click-n'-read (registered trademark pending:) there.

Judi and I are sincerely very sorry to inconvenience you like this, but our hand has been forced by. Again, if you want to continue to read about Judi or Sunni, please click-n'-ask (another registered trademark pending:) Everyone who asks will be approved. I promise.

New, Improved Blogroll!

On another blog-related subject, I've cleaned up the blogroll over on the right. I removed four blogs that have been deleted or suspended by their writers (I'm sorry to see you go, Amy, and you, too, Spencer), and also the link the Wen's blog, since she's made it password-protected and I don't have access. And I've added four new blogs that I read and enjoy:
Check any of them out, if my description makes you think it might be your cup of tea. Green tea, of course. Shaken, iced. Venti. Two pumps. You know where.


Thank you so much for the addition to the blog roll. That's great. And thank you doubly for the lead to Alan Vanneman's site. I've already begun reading.

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