Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big Doin's in the Butterfly Garden

It's been a busy time on the butterfly front: We've had fifteen Black Swallowtails and six Monarchs emerged from chrysalises this week. We got to watch a lot of them come out! And I have a lot of pictures. I'm going to break them up over several posts. Clicking on any picture should give you a bigger version.

Let's start with one morning's scene inside the Caterpillar Chateau. You can see a newly emerged Monarch and a newly emerged Swallowtail hanging and drying their wings, a Monarch chrysalis (that bright thing on the left), and two Swallowtail chrysalises (the things hanging from the plant stalks near the bottom and right). The right-most Swallowtail chrysalis has turned translucent -- you can see the butterfly inside -- so it's ready to emerge itself shortly:


Two Black Swallowtails on Judi's hands:


Judi holding two Black Swallowtails on one hand (gosh she's strong :):


A Black Swallowtail up close and personal:


Transferring a Black Swallowtail to a cluster of penta flowers, and the butterfly on the flowers:

swallowtailtransfertopenta swallowtailonpenta

A Monarch on Judi's hand:


Action photo!


The Monarch on a tibouchina:


Before I get to the other action-packed posts, there was one especially poignant moment during the excitement and, sometimes, chaos of the past week. However, to read about it you will have to jump to my new blog that I mentioned a little while ago. To continue reading about this poignant moment, click here.

You will need to be approved to read that blog (reason explained in the previous post), but if you would like to be approved, all you need to do is ask. Click here and send me a message. That's all you need to do. I will approve you (as long as you're not Certain Someone). I promise.

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Amazing! You two have been so successful at that butterfly garden!

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