Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sunni update

A while back I posted about Judi's little beagle, Princess Sunni, and the ulcer that had developed in her eye. Here's an update:

The ulcer proved more resistant to treatment than we had hoped, but in the end it did sucumb to the steriod drops, and cleared up without a need for surgery. Score one for the good guys! However, Sunni began to show disturbing symptoms: She would fall off her stairs (getting into and out of bed), slip and fall for no apparent reason, and (gasp!) not come out for treats. Judi was freaking out again, this time that Sunni might have Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS), a sort of Alzheimers for dogs. Her previous beagle, Bailey, had suffered from CDS for years, and Judi was very upset that her beloved Sunni might have the same condition. Score one for the bad guys?

I suggested that maybe Sunni was just having a problem with balance. Perhaps she had an ear infection. Another trip to the vet revealed that this was in fact the case. The vet said that ear infections were common when dogs had to wear that plastic cone thingie around their necks, as Sunni had to do while her eye healed. Huh? I've had lots of experience with dogs and cone thingies over the years, and I never heard anything about ear infections. But, whatever! Sunni started treatment for the ear infection, and in last couple days she has...

...drum roll...

...returned to normal! She trots up and down her stairs with alacrity, runs all around the house without falling, and has gone back to hounding Judi for treats.

Score another one for the good guys!

On an unrelated subject, I've added a list over there on the right of some of my personal favorite posts to this blog. This is me tooting my own horn. Toot.


I am so happy Sunni is back in action! Nero Wolfe Kitty is currently "coned" having just been neutered. I will watch for signs of ear trouble!

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