Thursday, August 16, 2007

Okay, here's the scoop

In case you were wondering what was up with my Tuesday haiku, Judi's little beagle Sunni (you can see a picture here) has an ulcer in her left eyeball. If it ruptures, she'll be permanently blinded in that eye. She's being treated with drops for the next week, and if they don't work she'll need surgery at the hands of a veterinary opthamologist. In the meantime, she has to wear one of those plastic cones around her neck so she doesn't paw at the eye and cause the ulcer to rupture.

Sunni is taking all this amazingly well. She doesn't struggle (much) when getting the drops, and she's very, very patient with the plastic cone. When it runs into things as she's walking, she just twists her head and pops it free. No big deal. She's taking it all in stride.

Mommy, on the other hand, is sometimes on the edge of coming unglued. The thought that something bad might happen to her beagles makes her mildly hysterical. We are trying to keep her reassured.


sending lots of healing thoughts for your sunni!
oh poor doggy (and doggy mom!). sending good thoughts sunni's way! and very cool, she is now honored with a haiki, too!

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