Sunday, January 17, 2010

Progress Achieved, promise made

Northern bro.

I have to say up front this entry has nothing to do with politics. Instead I reflect on Christmas carols. Evelyn, our three year old (with considerable prodding from my wife) really got into singing Christmas carols this year. I’ve got to say, there is nothing like hearing your three year old belt out O Little Town of Bethlehem or Jingle Bells. However, after dinner when we move to the living room for a little family time (which is before pajama time, which is before reading time, which is before bedtime) her favorite song to listen and dance to was ….. Snoopy’s Christmas. As it turns out Linda has a CD that has all three songs from the Snoopy vs. Red Baron saga and as far as Evelyn was concerned these are simply different parts of one long song.

So I had the opportunity to (or was cursed with, depending on your perspective) listening to these three songs many times this holiday season. I must say it was a mixed experience. On the one hand, as a history buff I am glad that Evelyn has learned the name of her first historical character, Baron Von Richthofen, hence the progress achieved. On the other hand what she has learned about this character was the sworn enemy and later the friend of a shootin’ beagle. Oh well, I guess you have to start somewhere.

There are several verses to this saga that I have forgotten from childhood. For instance, I did not remember that in the second song Snoopy has forced Red to land and is getting ready to finish him off. The dog also lands, jumps out of the plane and approaches his enemy who ‘fires a shot and turns to run before Snoopy has a chance to raise is gun.’ You know, I never thought of Snoopy packing before. At first the thought was disturbing until I realized it explained two things. It explains why Charlie Brown put up with so much from the dog. Second, I always wondered what Snoopy carried in that briefcase in the MetLife commercials. Now I know it was probably his Glock. Only later did it occur to me to wonder if Snoopy was the only Peanuts character to carry a sidearm. Did Schroder keep an M16 in his piano?

On another note, Good King Wenceslaus was also a favorite this season. This went over much better for me as it is one of my favorite carols. But here is the promises made portion of this post: If I am ever granted the superpower of the Good King (apparently his feet could warm the ground “Heat was in the very sod that the saint had printed”) then I will use that power to fight crime. Not sure yet exactly how that will work.

=as far as Evelyn was concerned these are simply different parts of one long song=

Well, DUH! Of course these are three parts of a single triptych. I'm glad that at least Evelyn has the sense to realize that.

Do you remember, many years ago, Glo singing these same songs over and over while she sat in the very back of our AMC station wagon while we drove to and/or from camping? "Very back" meaning sitting sideways, knees to chest, up against the rear window and tailgate (no seat belt laws in those days), wedged behind all the luggage and camping gear, while the rest of us sat up front?

She used to love to sing. All I ever did, alas, was insult her for what I felt was her inability to carry a tune.
Actually, all Evelyn knows is that she enjoys these three songs and that they are on the same CD - and not even consecutive (although she has gotten very good at changing tracks). Since the post was about Christmas carols and the song in which the dog is packin' isn't the one with 'Christmas bells' I thought it took a little explainin'.

I don't remember Glo singing these, although I wish I did.

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