Thursday, January 14, 2010

Now that's embarrassing

ESPN Radio has taken over a station in my area. I'm not much of a sports fan, but sometimes I like to listen to talk radio, instead of music, and ESPN is loads better than Rush. Anyway, I heard both of these gems on ESPN Radio on the same day:
"You can't see the forest through the trees."
Yes, there's a forest over there, but you wouldn't know it because some durn fool went and planted trees.
"You don't wanna know what skeletons they're going to dig up in his closet."
For some reason I always thought that ESPN personalities were pretty well paid, but apparently this one is so destitute that he lives in a house where the closets, at least, have dirt floors. Here I am a lowly computer programmer, and even I live in a house where the closets have carpet-over-concrete floors.

But these aren't what's embarrassing (the title of this post). No, what's embarrassing is this: I was checking my server logs, and found that someone had come, not to this blog, but to one of my trip albums over on, by searching Google Australia for the string "i undressed to my boxer shorts".


Really. You can try it for yourself:

In my defense (such as it is), the passage that the result links to was meant to be innocuous:
I think I've mentioned how hot it is here [St. Maarten]. You can only wear an outfit once -- it gets so soaked with sweat, it's toast after that. To wit: By the time we got back to the resort today, and I undressed, my boxer shorts, clean that morning, had a solid white stain at inch high all the way across the front, where they crease while I'm sitting. It was salt. From sweat.
Still, embarrassing.

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