Monday, November 02, 2009

Tomorrow is Election Day...

...and I've had a number of email messages this past week exhorting me to vote for this person, who is running for Mayor; and this other person and this another person and this yet another person, all running for city council in tomorrow's hotly contested elections in...

...Dearborn, Michigan.

The only time in my life that I even set foot in Michigan was an hour layover in the Detroit airport on a flight to Milwaukee. And the only thing I can say about the Detroit airport -- which is all of Michigan I've ever seen -- is that the Roman Catacombs must compare favorably. My hike through the dark, cramped, and ancient tunnels of the Detroit airport would at least have yielded a more interesting story if I had taken it through the Catacombs instead.

So... elections in Dearborn tomorrow? I guess someone filled out a form and made a mistake writing his or her email address, or someone else made a mistake typing it, but here I am, sitting in Florida, unable to vote, but getting these emails and hoping like heck that up there in Dearborn, tomorrow, the good guys are going to win.

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Didn't I hear something that Dearborn wanted to secede from Michigan and join Florida? Something about lower taxes.....

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