Monday, August 24, 2009

Speaking of signs...

...because we were. Recently I began noticing small plastic signs all around town -- you know, the ones stuck into the ground on wire legs that cost, like, $199 for 100 signs? These signs proclaimed "DNA Screening" in big letters. I thought, "Wow, does this mean anyone can walk in and get their DNA screened for, like, diseases and stuff? Has DNA screening become that commonplace?"

And then I got to thinking, "Isn't a cheap plastic sign an odd way to advertise DNA screening? I mean, this is a sophisticated medical procedure, and you'd have to wonder about the professionalism and quality of a company that advertises by placing cheap plastic signs by the roadsides."

Then one day I was stopped at a traffic light near one of the signs, and I was close enough for long enough to be able to read the rest of the sign -- the small lettering that you miss when you're zooming by at 40 miles an hour.

It turns out that DNA Screening is a company named DNA... that does screening. You know, screen doors. Window screening. Build a screen room around your swimming pool. That kind of screening. DNA can do it for you!

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I thought of you a few weeks ago when I was driving down the road and noticed that the van next to me was painted with an advertisement for knee replacement surgery. The van, of course, belonged to a medical device company, but I wondered how many people saw the van and said "You know, I think I'll get my knee replaced today!"

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