Saturday, July 11, 2009

Homebirth 102

Northern Bro again: Well, Linda is 6 days out from her due date, and although we don't expect the baby to come early (almost unheard of in her family) it still sent a shock through me when earlier this morning she says "Don't get excited, but I am having contractions". Like, how am I not supposed to get excited? She believed that they were braxton hicks, or false contractions and sure enough they faded pretty quickly. We are filling in the edges of being ready for our planned homebirth (it helps that our midwife is back from her 2 week Tennessee vacation). All the major pieces are in place, we are now just making sure the towels are well stocked, the bags are packed in case we have to go to the hospital and the birthing tub gets a shot of air every few days. The pictures below show Linda and Evelyn checking out the birthing tub; they found it quite comfy. The other picture shows our living room transformed into a birthing room. You can see the bed (sans plastic sheet that will go on later), comfy recliner, the tub, towels, and bowls (to put the placenta in). The cardboard box is the birth kit with antiseptics, gloves and other items. Now all we need is a baby.

Baby will come in good time (maybe you are even holding him or her now!) Lots of good birth prayers and vibes headed your way!

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