Monday, May 18, 2009


On Saturday Judi and I went to the Cocoa Beach Art and Craft show, and we took her new little beagle, Stormi, with us. She was a showstopper. I lost count of how many children came up and asked if they could pet the puppy. One woman was so taken that she told her son to "Forget about the dachshund and the jack russell, we're getting one of these," and then said to her husband, pointedly, "If you ever loved me, you'll get me one of these."

While Judi was browsing in one booth, the proprietor at the next booth called Stormi over. "Can I pick her up?" she asked. I noticed she was wearing white slacks.

"Her feet are dirty," I said. "It'll get all over your clothes."

"I don't care," she said, scooping Stormi into her lap. "I just have to hold her."

Stormi took all the celebrity in stride.

We had lunch at Murdock's, which is a nice place in Cocoa Village that has outdoor seating for people with dogs (that's Judi, and Stormi is in her stroller):

Murdocks outdoor seating

By the way, we had to explain to everyone about blue-ticked beagles.

Here are some more pictures of the little showstopper:




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