Thursday, April 30, 2009

"New Hampshire Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill"

I am so proud of my birth state!

It seems especially dramatic because I remember that when I was growing up there, it was one of the most radically, virulently conservative states in the Union. The state's banner newspaper, the Manchester Union Leader was run by the poisonous, vindictive, and just plain vile conservative William Loeb, a man Faux News -- oh, I'm sorry, Fox News -- would be honored to have on its payroll today.

I'm sure Mr. Loeb is spinning in his coffin today, and all I can say to that is this:

Is there any way we can harness his spinning to generate green electricity?

Rock on, New Hampshire! Lead the way.


Lest we forget - back in the 70's NH Governor Mel Thompson used to host an annual pancake breakfast at his farm in Orford. It was a charity event - the group who raised & donated the most got to have breakfast with the gov, complete with maple syrup from his farm. Then one year the local gay and lesbian group at UNH won the honor. Rather than sit down with members of the group the gov cancelled the event. My how times have changed.

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