Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Drumroll, please....

If you've been a follower of this blog, you know that for the past year Judi has been in a passion about butterflies. I've posted from time to time on this blog -- very very inadequately -- about this passion, but Judi has so much more to say, not only in blog posts but in photographs and links to other sites and descriptions of her gardens and... well, lots of stuff, that...

...she now has her own Web site:


Yay, Judi!

I invite you to click on over and take a look. Not everything is working yet. Actually, probably most is not working yet. But the big pieces are there:

There's a blog, called Updates From the Garden. All butterfly posts from this blog have been migrated over there (that was a lot of work), and you can subscribe to a feed if you're that kind of person (as I am). It will be updated frequently, and to entice you, there's a new post there right now which is not on this blog, so you have to click over there to read it, about Polydamas caterpillars and a Big Surprise. Go read it!

There's a Photo of the Day, which will change every day, and will always be stunning, I promise.

There's a Guestbook, where you can leave your comments. Thanks! We love comments.

Other bits work, and more will be added day by day, as I dig into it. This is my first Web site that I've built using a Content Management System (CMS in geek-ronym), and the learning curve has been kind of steep. Take into account that I am an old dog, and you know what they say about old dogs and steep curves, and you'll get my drift, but I can see the top of the hill. If you run into any problems, please please send me a message at greg at judisbutterflies you-know-the-punctuation-mark com. And let me know what kind of computer and browser you're using, because a lot of times it's just that I didn't test that feature on that browser.

Thank you!

And do visit Judi's Butterfly site. A visit is guaranteed to move you up several spots on Santa's "Nice" list for next Christmas.



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