Thursday, March 05, 2009

Some Sulfurs

The yellow Sulfurs haven't been emerging in the same volume as the Monarchs, but there's still been a bunch of them. This is a Cloudless Sulfur on Judi's fingers:

Cloudless Sulfur on Judis Fingers

And for her next trick, Judi has two Cloudless Sulfurs on her fingers at the same time!

Two Cloudless Sulfurs on Judis Fingers

It's very hard to get pictures of the overwings of a Sulfur, because they typically fold their wings at the instant they land, and so the overwings are only visible when they're in flight. But we did manage to get a picture of the overwings of this Orange Barred Sulfur. The underwings don't have any orange markings, so when you see these flying, they flicker orange, as the wings open and close:

Orange Barred Sulfur Overwings



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