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I voted yesterday. As I walked through the door into the polling place, I suddenly became forcefully aware, just as though I had had a revelation from Heaven, that the most important reason I was there was to vote No on Proposition 2. Voting for Obama wasn't nearly as important as defeating Prop 2. I mean, the presidential election was just two guys running for office. Prop 2 was about fundamental human rights. This revelation lifted me spiritually. I went in and voted.

This morning I discovered that Prop 2 passed. Human rights were dashed. And, along with them, my spirits. To make matters worse, anti-marriage amendments also passed in Arizona and California. I can't feel any joy in Obama's victory, especially knowing that (even though I voted for him) he's one of the bigots who opposes human rights. He was the best choice, and will do the best job, but his victory is hollow and joyless.

In 2000 I was bitterly disappointed when Dubya "won." In 2004 I was even more disappointed when Kerry lost. So disappointed that I didn't listen to news of any kind for two years (when I started listening again, I was startled to find that Colin Powell was no longer Secretary of State, and had been replaced by Condoleza Rice -- who?). And now, in 2008, I am disappointed yet again.

Maybe I'll just give up voting altogether.

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I was pained to hear that both Prop 2 and Prop 8 passed, that is a real disappointment especially given the makeup of the people who attended the polls this time. I mean, had McCain taked Florida, you would have expected those people to be anti-civil rights.

I know this isn't the point but: We don't have ballot measures where I live, so forgive me for having to ask..... Isn't Prop 2 doomed in the end? I mean, its illegal for a state to enshrine discrimination in its constitution isn't it? Although given the current composition of the US Supreme Court I suppose that we shouldn't be too hopeful that they would stand up for what is right. But even that doesn't last, remember Dred Scott.

I took a lot of hope from this year's presidential decision. If we can come this far in the short time since the civil rights movement that started in the late 50's and early 60's, there is still hope that we will see equality for gays in our lifetime. After all, it hasn't even been 40 years since Stonewall.

And yes, I know that tomorrow is not soon enough for equal rights for all.
=Isn't Prop 2 doomed in the end?=

Slavery was doomed in the end, but that was probably small comfort to the generations who had to live as slaves. Of course I know you know this: "tomorrow is not soon enough for equal rights for all."

Part of the problem with 2 might have been its very misleading title on the ballot: "Florida Marriage Protection Act." A lot of people -- many perhaps first-time voters who knew nothing more about the election other than Obama was running -- may have read that and thought, "Of course I want to protect marriage," without even realizing what they were voting on.

Thanks for your comment, and your thoughts!

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