Sunday, October 05, 2008

Help Wanted

The Northern bro checking in:

I am married to a wonderful, intelligent woman. However, Linda is not the most politically involved person in the world. I am more in tune to politics than she, although there are signs it is rubbing off a bit. Suffice it to say that when we tune in to watch the Daily Show it is always a sure sign that I have dibs on the TV remote.

That is why I was surprised recently that Linda, without missing a beat, came up with the most appropriate response to one of the most bizarre statements to come out of the presidential campaign in recent weeks. A few weeks ago we were watching the aforementioned Daily Show as Mr. Stewart was reporting that Ms. Palin claims that her foreign policy experience includes being able to see Russia from Alaska. Linda immediately says ‘Well, I can see outer space from my back yard. I guess that means I can run NASA.’ It made me think of the possibilities. Given the choice, I think that since I have not only seen but actually stepped foot in several national parks I am best qualified to run the National Park Service. Heck, I still have my Yosemite coffee mug.


I know what money looks like! I'm qualified to be Secretary of the Treasury!
Well, in that case, I made a few bad investments. I'll make it worth your while to take them off my hands. Just give me $700 billion and you can have them.

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