Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday!

So early this morning we went to our local WalMart to buy chips for our Independence Day celebration, which consisted (Plan A) of taking Princess Sunni and her sister The Amazing Skye-Dog to a local dog park. Judi picked out a bag that the tag on the shelf said was $2.49. The cashier in our checkout lane was an old, small, bitter woman -- what you would expect was in keeping with the WalMart experience. Nothing in the world was right with her.

She slided Judi's chips across the scanner. Judi handed her a twenty-dollar bill, and the dour old woman punched her register and said, "Your change is...."

And then the dour old woman lit up: She smiled, her voice went up a couple of registers, and she said:

"Your change is 1776!"

With great delight, she counted seventeen dollars and seventy-six cents out of her cash drawer.

As she handed it to Judi, she said, with a big beaming smile across her face, "Happy Birthday!"

And so I say to you:

Happy birthday, America!

1776 Receipt


Happy Birthday USA, Wal-Mart, Underdog and everyone!

GS I have missed your comments since I put the blog on hold! Hope all is well.

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