Saturday, July 12, 2008

A couple of passing observations...

Judi and I were riding our bikes on an errand last weekend when we passed this Sandhill Crane sitting serenely (but aren't all cranes serene?) on the grass only about ten feet from the bike path. We stopped our bikes and got off very slowly to take pictures while this beauty posed for us. Sandhill Cranes are endangered, and we've never been this close to one before.

Sitting Sandhill Crane

Judi has had to go to Orlando for some specialized dental work. While her doctor is not Vietnamese, his office is in the Vietnamese Quarter, aka Little Saigon (I'm not using "Little Saigon" as a pejorative -- you see it everywhere in the Quarter, as in Little Saigon Grocery and Market, Little Saigon Pho, and Little Saigon Laundromat and Dry Cleaners). There's a Publix Supermarket near the doctor's office (Publix is a chain local to Florida, kind of like Ralphs in Southern California). I assume that these signs, which are all over the parking lot, say, in Vietnamese, "Parking for Publix customers only":

Publix Sign in Vietnamese



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