Monday, June 09, 2008

Of Beagles and Birthday Cakes

The few of you that read this blog regularly know that Judi's little beagle, Princess Sunni, was diagnosed with a brain tumor late last year. And you know that in January Sunni was doing so poorly that we didn't expect her to live until her birthday. But she surprised us and bounced back and last Friday, June 6th, the hard-charging little girl celebrated that twelfth birthday that we han't expected her to see.

The weekend before that, Judi had said to me, "I want a special birthday cake that's a sunshine face [for Sunni] wearing a princess hat [because she's a Princess]. Do you think [NAME OF GROCERY STORE CHAIN REDACTED] can even make a custom cake like that, and do a good job?"

Now, there's a woman I work with (Maggie) who bakes custom cakes as a business on the side. I've seen some of her cakes, and they're terrific. So I answered, "You want a custom cake? And a good job? Maggie's the girl for you!"

So I called Maggie at home, and she agreed to bake the cake.

Last Friday morning was Sunni's birthday, and Judi and I went to pick up the cake. I was experiencing some trepidation... well, no, that's not true: I was flat-out terrified. Terrified because I had recommended Maggie so highly, and this birthday celebration with this extra special cake meant so much to Judi, and if Maggie didn't come through Judi would be crushed.

We got to Maggie's house....

We went in....

We saw the cake....

And Judi was thrilled. I was stunned. The cake was unbelievable:

The unbelievable cake

Photo: Judi

View from an angle

The "rays", by the way, are edible. And did you notice how she wrote "Happy Birthday Sunni" across the front of the cake -- a vertical surface? You can click on any of the pictures to see a larger version, and if you click on the second one you will be able to easily see the different texturing on the frosting on the hat and the sunshine.

And here are Princess Sunni, and her sister Skye, enjoying their awesome birthday cake. It was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, of course, because that's Sunni's favorite:

Princess Sunni and Skye eating cake

Photo: Judi

Judi said the cake was so perfect that it broke her heart to cut into it. If you want a few more pictures, click here and then click on "Princess Sunni Turns Twelve."

P.S. If you live in Central Florida and you'd like to talk to Maggie about possibility making a cake for you, send me a message. There's a link over to the right for you to do that.


cute! glad there was a happy birthday :)
Happy birthday Sunni! Love your cake!

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