Saturday, June 21, 2008

The girl's still got what it takes

Ever since she was a little puppy, Judi's Princess Sunni has been able to eat corn off the cob. Where most dogs -- at least in my experience -- will grab the entire ear and start gnawing and trying to break it up, Sunni has always known that she has to use her front teeth to nibble at the kernels. But Sunni hasn't had corn on the cob since her treatment for her brain tumor, and the period of extreme debilitation that she went through after that.

Last weekend we had little sections of corn on the cob, and Judi wondered out loud if Sunni would be able to eat one, after all that she's been through. I was adamant that she wouldn't. Judi wondered if maybe I was wrong. I was adamant that I wasn't. Judi said she would give Sunni an ear to try. I was adamant that she was making a mistake.

Of course I was wrong. Otherwise this would be a really boring post. :)

Pictorial evidence (clicking on any picture will open a larger view):

Getting Started

Getting started

Making Progress

Making good progress (Photo: Judi)

My Ear

This is my ear (Photo: Judi)


The finished ear (Photo: Judi)


Go Sunni, go!
That's great!

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