Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Call to Action

So recently I made a rare foray into my Google Analytics account to see what Internet searches were bringing the wayward, misdirected, and odd reader to this blog. Historically, the search that brings the most regretting visitors is something along the lines of "peneci.llin and ta.nning," and while it is commendable that so many people want to find out if it is safe to ta.n while taking ant.ibiotics, it's unfortunate that so many are directed to my blog post, which is actually not about peneci.llin and ta.nning, but derogatives.

But anyway, this time I was surprised to find some visits from people searching on "deta.ched" Seriously? When did I ever mention deta.ched The answer, as it turns out, is: In a post that was actually about Princess Sunni's brain tumor, which early on was thought to be a deta.ched But it seemed unbelievable to me that a Web search would bring up my lame mention as being relevant to anyone looking for information on deta.ched ea.rdr.ums. So I schlepped over to Google and typed in those words, and sure enough, I came up as the second most relevant page:

Google search for... you know what

Getting over my mild case of stupefaction, I slowly realized that I had stumbled onto what may be the most glaring and troubling gap in that splendiferous repository of the amassed knowledge of the human race that we call the Internets Tubes. Yes, it's true:

We desperately need more information on deta.ched ea.rdr.ums.

Good and useful information, that is. Clearly we are tragically wanting in that area. So I call on you, my two readers (another discovery from Google Analytics is that readership of this blog is way down, so if you are one of my two readers, you might want to stop and take a minute to ask yourself why you continue to read, since almost no one else does, but I digress...)

As I was saying, I call on you to generate cogent and useful content on the subject of deta.ched ea.rdr.ums and get it posted somewhere as soon as possible. Because the Internet needs you.


Hilarious! You piqued my curiosity, so I headed over to my search word tracker. The only out of the ordinary thing was the phrase, "dilbert comic strip"+"trap door." I'm racking my brain...

I continue to read for Princess S updates, haiku, butterfly garden shots, and the frequent insightful thought that is recorded in fantastic English language!

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