Saturday, May 17, 2008

Open for Business, The Sequel

The big news around these parts isn't the sequel to Indiana Jones, it's the latest installment in the butterfly garden. It's open for business, and Judi is more excited than I can describe. There are going to be a lot of pictures in this post -- my apologies to those on dialup. But before I get to the new garden, look how the first garden has grown and filled in (you can click on any of the pictures in this post for a larger view):

The Old Garden

Compare that to how sparse the garden originally looked, which you can see if you page down the March 25th post, or by clicking here.

Here's a more detailed picture of the first garden now:

The Old Garden Detail

On to the new garden. It looks a bit sparse at the moment, but it, too, will fill in over time:

The New Garden

Here's a close-up:

The New Garden, Detail

The new garden is completely different from the first one: The first garden has some flowers, but emphasizes bushes. The new garden is almost all flowers, and includes the first tree, a Cassia. It's only about three feet high now, but it will get bigger.

Here's a giant milkweed flower:

Giant Milkweed Flower

A zinnia flower:


Pink verbena:

Pink Verbena

Here are both gardens, the new one in the foreground and the first one in the background:

Both Gardens

You may have noticed the adirondack chairs and the table. Here they are, center stage:

Chairs and Table

The choice of colors was inspired by our travels in the Caribbean, where objects are commonly painted bright colors. Witness these chairs in the courtyard of the Rose Inn, in the town of Rincon, on the island of Bonaire:

Chairs at the Rose Inn

If you are ever in Bonaire, by the way, I highly recommend traveling to Rincon (you will need a car) and lunching at the Rose Inn. You will have some fabulous local cuisine, including some dishes that are specialties of the Netherlands Antilles, like tutu. It's Judi's new favorite place to eat on Bonaire.

Back to the butterfly garden: There has been a steady stream of clientele, and Judi has been busy snapping with her camera ("burst mode" on your camera is your friend). A Giant swallowtail in flight:

Giant Swallowtail In Flight

Photo: Judi

What we think is an Orange Sulfur, spied over the leaves of the Cassia tree:

Orange Sulphur

A Gulf Fritillary on pink verbena:

Gulf Fritillary on Pink Verbena

Photo: Judi

Gulf Fritillary in flight:

Gulf Fritillary in Flight

Photo: Judi

The underwings of a Viceroy Monarch:

Viceroy Underwings

Photo: Judi

And, finally, an example of the mellowing effect that a butterfly garden can have on a personality: Judi used to hate dragonflies, but when this unusual-looking one alit in her garden, she was moved to take a picture of it:

The Old Garden

Photo: Judi

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