Friday, April 25, 2008


It's been about a week since Joseph Alois Ratzinger, D.B.A. The Pope, addressed the United Nations. His speech emphasized the idea that world peace must be based on universal human rights. Hardly an original idea: See Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Stride Towards Freedom: "Without justice, there can be no peace," among many others. But still, an idea I agree with. So Fr. Ratzinger and I agree on this one thing at least. Except... Fr. Ratzinger makes an exception.

If you are gay.

If you are gay, Fr. Ratzinger denies you have a right to marry, to have sex, to have children, to have a family -- even to have your children baptized into the Catholic Church.

It's easy to support human rights, isn't it, Fr. Ratzinger, when you pick and choose what those rights will be, and to whom they will extend.

It's even easier when you are convinced that you possess the magick of infallibility.

Come to think of it, you remind me of another world leader....

Okay, I'm sorry, the two of you loyal readers. This has been bugging me all week. I needed to get it off my chest.

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while sure, this sucks, at least i'm not catholic. what he says means oh so little to me. altho, i hear many catholics feel the same way about the pope. he says one thing, they do another. maybe someday they'll catch up with each other.
The Catholic Church is hypocritical? I'm shocked. I am also sure that good ole' Pope Beny can find some way to rationalize his stand. After all he does have God's ear.

I used to think that the Catholic Church was anti-gay but came to realize after the revelations of the last decade or so that they only object to homosexual behavior when it is between consenting adults. Involve a child and they are more than happy to look the other way (at least if a priest is also involved).
I hope that some day all people of all faiths (or none) will understand that God is Love without exception. Until then, how much can it hurt to practice tolerence and to live in grace?

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