Friday, March 28, 2008

A milestone passed

Yesterday Princess Sunni passed a milestone: She finished off her first bag of prescription dog food.

Around New Years Day, Sunni was doing terribly in her bout with brain cancer. Her local vet -- not an expert in cancer, but someone we trust -- insisted that her brain cancer had returned. Her neurologist vet -- an expert in brain cancer but a really flawed person that we do not trust -- insisted that it was a problem in her medications. The neurologist vet's intern suggested that we put Sunni on a prescription dog food to help protect her liver and kidneys against side effects from her medications.

So we went to Sunni's vet's office for the prescription dog food. The Very Nice Pharmacist brought out a ten pound bag. "Do you have a smaller bag?" asked Judi.

"No," said Very Nice Pharmacist. "This is the only size it comes it."

"Okay," said Judi, and I could just see her face fall, her shoulders sag, and the life drain out of her body.

As we were leaving the vet's, the bag of food under my arm, Judi said, "I don't mind spending the money, but it just kills me to think that Sunni isn't going to live to eat all that food. She's going to die first."

Well, as it turned out, the neurologist vet that we don't like or trust was right: It was the medications. And after some weeks of trial and error Sunni bounced back with a vengeance. Today she is thrilling her Mommy with every new recovering stride she makes: Howling at the delivery man when he knocks on the door, for example. Better watch out, Delivery Man, there's a beagle Princess with some kick on this side of the door.

And, yesterday, the Princess of Princesses finished off that first bag of dog food.

We are so thrilled.

Today a fresh bag of prescription dog food was brought home to the Princess's Palace. Ten more pounds. How many more will there be? I don't know. We shall see.

But we are thrilled.

If any of you want to click on the link to the photo slideshow of Judi's butterfly garden, the last slide is a picture of Princess Sunni laying in the grass and surveying her new butterfly garden.


yay! so glad to hear sunni's improving!
This story is so awesome! Made my day!!

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