Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Identity Crisis

Florida's presidential primary is next Tuesday. Luckily for us, the Democrats have decided not to contest Florida, so that cuts the advertising persiflage in half. But the Republicans are here.

And what's up with the Republicans, anyway? At least, their campaign signs. I've been through my share of elections in my days, and one thing you could always count on is that each candidate would have their own color scheme for their signs, to make them stand out. This year, it seems if you want to run as a Republican, only one color scheme will do. And that is:

Ron PaulRomneyRudyHuckabee
Honestly, as you zoom in your car past an open space where these signs have sprouted like so many red-white-and-blue pumpkins, you can't even tell them apart. What's the point? Doesn't anyone want to stand out from the crowd?

Or is everyone afraid to stand out from the crowd....


Gee, when they campaigned up here in NH, Huckabee's signs had his name in yellow. Maybe he thought it hurt him in the polls.
Maybe Huckabee should have stuck with yellow type

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