Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dingley Falls

I finished Michael Malone's book, Dingley Falls, some time ago. I was going to post about it at the time, but with one thing and another, I didn't. Until now.

Dingley Falls is a terrific book. I was withholding final judgement until I finished it, because it so explodes with originality and creativity and vivid prose that I wondered if it would even be possible to write an ending that lived up to the story itself -- as though it would have to go on forever. But it didn't go on forever, and I think the ending was the best that could be done to bring such a vibrantly living tale to a close. I was satisfied. I recommend this book to anyone who hasn't read it. Heck, I recommend rereading it to anyone who has read it! :)

While I was reading, I jotted down some passages that struck me personally. This one is a description of the town librarian, Sydney Blossom, but it could just as easily be a description of me, and maybe of a person or two who sometimes reads this blog (yes, Heather, I'm thinking of you):
The librarian Sidney Blossom loved what lay upon the leaves of books. Those stories of loss and gain, of pride and prejudice and great expectations, were as alive to him up on their shelves as were their living counterparts in Dingley Falls.
What lives upon the leaves of books....

This next passage is the Prayer of Elijah Dingley (the town's founder back in the 1700's):
God keep us in health and heart. God keep us in bread and ale. God keep us at home and out of the hands of the godly.

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hah! i totally missed you calling me out until i got to the actual blog here (vs reader). anyway, i love that line about the leaves of books, very nice. i've added this book to my list of ones to check out, thanks!

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