Thursday, November 01, 2007

Yesterday was Halloween

Today is about the half-way point in the radiation treatments for Princess Sunni, and she's handling it like a trooper. Even better, the treatments have rolled back the clock for her: She's resumed countless small habits that she used to have, and then lost without our quite noticing. Just one example: She's remembered how to open a door with her nose and squeeze through.

The joy that this has brought to our lives is more than I can relate.

Yesterday was Halloween. But for a Princess to dress as a Princess isn't really being in costume, is it? It's just the Royal Wardrobe. Here is Princess Sunni, yesterday, Royally Wardrobed:

The Princess


Princess Sunni looks lovely and is obviously a generous-spirited dog. Unlike Nero Wolfe Kitty who refused to wear the devil horns I made him.

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