Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The end, and a new beginning

Today I drove Sunni for her last radiation treatment. I made out pretty well -- I only had to drive for six out of the seventeen treatments. And Sunni has been doing extremely well. It's almost as though she's enjoying a second puppyhood. And Judi has been doing better than I thought she might. She cries from time to time, but for the most part she is delighting in Sunni and her antics. Things have gone and are going much better than I imagined they would when I first read the deadly prognosis a month ago.

Michelle has been Sunni's Radiology Technician. Michelle has been the one to come out into the waiting room to get Sunni each morning, and the one to bring her back out later, her brain freshly zapped. Here's a picture of Michelle holding Sunni.

Sunni and Michelle

Today, When Sunni was brought into the consulting room for her official discharge from treatment, she was wearing an awesome pink bandana. It was preprinted with the words, "I survived radiation therapy at AVS and all I got was this lousy bandana!!" (If you've ever been a tourist in Florida, or I guess any other toursit trap, you'll get the joke.) But, better yet, it was inscribed and signed all over by the many people who've taken care of Sunni for these last three weeks. You might be able to make them out in the picture.


The final picture is the inscription on Sunni's bandana by Michelle, the radiology technician who was most closely associated with saving and extendng Sunni's life. In case it's not easy to read in the picture, it says, "Sunni You are such a sweet girl. Best of wishes. {heart}. Michelle."

Michelle's Wishes

Sunni did capture the hearts of the people at the clinic over these last three weeks. She's not a lay-down-and-blend-with-the-surroundings-until-I'm-called Labrador-like dog. She's a live-life-to-the-fullest and by-the-way-may-I-lick-your-face kind of dog.

And, for now, she's doing great.

Michelle is wearing an engagement ring. We wish you all the best, too, Michelle. I'm sure Sunni does, too.



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