Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks Giving

Today was Thanksgiving Day. I'm afraid that to some, this day means nothing more than indulgence and football. To others, it's a day to gather with family that they miss. Or... don't miss. But to some of us, it's a somber day to contemplate and celebrate what we have, rather than pine over what we have not -- something we should do, perhaps, more days of the year than just this one.

Today we celebrated (among many other blessings) having in our lives a beautiful, charming, winsome, handful of a little beagle named Princess Sunni. Since her radiation treatments for her brain tumor, she has not only returned to a puppyhood self that she hasn't seen since she was maybe three years old, she also seems to have a reinvigorated nose that can sniff out the faintest trace of food in anything. She has become indeed, and to our delight, Something Else.

Here, she seems to think there's something in my backpack that I didn't share with her:

BackpackI'm sure there's something good in here

There wasn't, by the way.

And then she rooted out a bag of cough drops that quickly passed into the past tense:

So you think I did this?So you think I did this?

Well, my throat's not sore any more!Well, my throat's not sore any more!

Not since she was a little puppy did she get Judi's used tissues out of the trash and chew them up:

What?  Me?What? Me?

Maybe I can destroy the evidenceMaybe I can destroy the evidence

For Thanksgiving dinner, Judi bought a package of Parker House rolls. I carried the groceries in and set them on the floor of the kitchen, like I always do. Sunni stuck her nose in each bag, as she always does. But she seemed to be doing more than just sticking her nose....

Parkerhouse RollsThey really know how to make rolls at Parker House!

For Thanksgiving, we had a magnificent and special dinner that Judi and Sunni spent all week preparing. It was a beagle-friendly dinner -- nothing contained onions! Sunni was constantly at her Mommy's feet, helping out whenever she could. For example, the measuring cup needed to be cleaned out:

Can Sunni clean out the measuring cup?Can Sunni clean out the measuring cup?

Whoops!  It fell over!Whoops! It fell over!

The beagle is up to the jobBut the beagle is up to the job!



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