Wednesday, November 07, 2007


We have an Ikea opening in Orlando in a week or two -- the first in this area, and only the second in Florida. (The other is in Sunrise, near Fort Lauderdale.)

ikea has some cool stuff and some not-so-well-made stuff. it's a "shopping event" rather than a place you run in and out of after getting one thing. i've tried this, and still ended up in a huge line after winding all around the store...the floor plan/traffic pattern is a little crazy.

if you go, let me know what you think! we got a great garlic press there, and nice linen curtains. we also got ikea bowls as a gift (for winning a dance thing) and a throw rug (also a dance winning spoil). if you like to shop, you will enjoy it, but if you easily over-stimulated, be careful! i don't eat meat but i heard the swedish meatballs at the cafe are tasty.
Ikea is wonderful for style and price -- but beware the Ikea bed. My daughter ended up sleeping on the floor surrounded by a bed frame.

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