Monday, October 22, 2007

A telephone call to the tanning salon

Tanning Salon Employee: "Hello, {Tanning Salon name redacted}. How may I help you?"

Me: "Can you me tell if either amoxycillin or penicillin is on the list of drugs that, if you're taking them, you're not supposed to tan?"

TSE: "Sure! Give me a moment" Pause. "Okay, um, amoxycillin's not on the list. What was the other one? Penicillin? Let me check.... Yes, penicillin is on the list. Penicillin, and also 'penicillin and its derogatives.'"

Me: "Its what?"

TSE: "Derogatives."

Me: "Derogatives?"

TSE: "Yes. You know, other things that are made from penicillin."

Me: "Ah."

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I guess a sun burn must be a derogative of a sun tan.

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