Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm home

I took, believe it or not, almost 1,500 pictures during the two weeks we were gone. Over 100 a day. Although, honestly, I took more than 100 pictures each day in Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome, Pompeii, and Venice. And most of the pictures I took on this trip were taken while snorkeling. When snorkeling, you take pictures of the same thing over and over, because you're trying to look through the tiny viewfinder of an SLR (encased in a glorified plastic bag, no less), at the eyepiece-length of a diving mask, while the fish you're trying to shoot is rocketing around like the ball in a pinball machine, and the waves are pitching you and your camera up and down and back and forth unpredictably, so you take a bunch of pictures of the same thing in the faint hope that at least one will come out. I've already deleted more than 400 that fall into the category of "What in the world was I trying to take a picture of in that one?"

Also, I have a really, really good tan on my back. Not so good on my front. If I stand in one place and spin quickly, I flicker like a disco ball.

I will try to get some of the pictures posted later this week.

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