Friday, July 20, 2007

I, Robot

One of the conference rooms where I work was being reconfigured for some special event, and so several flip charts had been carried out and leaned against a wall. This one happened to be on top:


Now, for the record, the company where I work manufactures electronics for airplanes. While our products are expensive, they're also small and lightweight, as you would expect things that Go Up In Planes to be. We're not involved in, say, bomb disposal, or operating maximum security prisons. But even setting that aside, what would you think if you're company, whatever it does, had a team defining specifications for a robot that (a) can unplug from the wall, (b) is mobile, (c) can pass through all doorways, and (d) can weigh up to 300 pounds?

I don't know the exact answer, but I think that in general it would fall into the category of "nothing good."

I guess if it at least doesn't look like Arnold Schwarzen-ator, that will be a good sign....



I think you need to think hard about your career choices. My company's robots are solar powered and are banter weight. For you to continue working at a company that still plugs its robots into the wall is selling yourself short!

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