Tuesday, July 17, 2007


We up here in Vermont are so excited we can barely stand it. This is even better than watching maple sap boil. After a well publicized nationwide poll little ole Springfield Vermont won out as the town that will premire the Simpsons movie (Yes, that other thing that is coming out this weekend.) They won out over much bigger Springfields across the nation, and I must point out to my dear bro that Springfield Florida came in last in the polling. This is being spun up this way to mean that Springfield VT is the home of the Simpsons, which explains a lot. I have always enjoyed the series and although it may not always portray Springfield in the most positive light, it does seem to be a resilient little city full of (mostly) good folks. Just like our Springfield - which is about 20 miles from where I am sitting now.

One of the more interesting aspects of this is that our Spfld (as it is known, pronounced Spifld, BTW). Only has 9,000 people. It is a struggling rust belt community that saw its hey day about 70 years ago. It only has one theatre and that only has about 100 seats. Their solution? The movie will be playing continuously on Saturday, starting at about 1pm. I kid you not, the papers up here are saying that Spfld hasn't seen anything this big since Lindbergh came to town.


Please tell me what you will be wearing at the premiere? Thousands of your fans will be driving up to catch a glimpse of you! Those who did not read closely will be driving to Florida.
I didn't even know we had a Springfield here in Florida.

And there's something else coming out this weekend?


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