Friday, July 13, 2007

Catching up... and not

As Microsquish's new Internet Explorer 7 Web browser gets into more hands, I'm finding myself more and more frequently having this same conversation:

Inane Person: I like IE 7. I especially love the new tabbed browsing.

Me: Tabbed browsing isn't really new. Browsers like Opera and Mozilla and Firefox and Safari have had tabbed browsing for years. Microsoft is just catching up, years behind everyone else.

IP (blank look upon face): No, tabbed browsing is new.

Me: Only in Internet Explorer. Other, better browsers have had it for years.

IP (looking even blanker): I never noticed tabs before.

Me: That's because you've used Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Microsoft just introduced tabs with IE 7, but other browsers have had tabs for years.

IP (voice drifting off): I don't know why I never noticed them before....

Me: Aargh!


i think it's ie 6.x i have at work, and i must say, i think their tabs suck (forever to load, a little buggy). at least compared to ff, but maybe my version is just buggy. imagine that, MS software buggy!

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