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-verb: to strike or occur to with a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment, as through unexpectedness (

-noun: my reaction to the news, heard this morning, that New Hampshire is becoming only the fourth state in the Union to recognize same-gender civil unions.
Even more surprising is that New Hampshire is the first state to take this step without any pressure from litigation. Governor John Lynch is quoted thusly in the New York Times: "this is a matter of conscience and fairness."

Wow. It's been decades since I left New Hampshire, but I did grow up there, and at the time it was a backward and reactionary place. This is... almost unbelievable. Have things really changed that much? Has New Hampshire really gone from a hotbed of hatred, bigotry, and persecution -- well, okay, maybe not persecution -- to being on the leading edge of conscience and fairness?

No, don't answer that. Don't wake me up.


i'm sure it's all those vermont queers livin' it up after they got married. new hampshire just got jealous is all. but, cool.
Its been a while since Gov. Thompson canceled his annual pancake breakfast, which was held on his farm each year, awarded to the highest bidder for contributions to a local charity. He cancelled it back in the 1970's when the UNH Gay and Lesbian group was the highest bidder.

I moved back to this area after 20 years away and was shocked at the cultural and racial diversity of NH. Much more so than in VT since the NH economy is booming so there is actually a reason to move there. Newcomers, mostly fleeing nearby MA, and a strong underlying libertarian streak has left NH a much more liberal place than it once was (no pun intended). It is almost as if they actually believe the state slogan 'Live Free or Die'
yay! go eastern seaboard! woo! :)

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