Friday, June 22, 2007

The Return

OK, this is the Vermont bro checking in after an extended absence with a hodgepodge of stuff.

One reason for the absence is that quite often I use this space to give Evelyn updates and Evelyn and her Mom have been visiting our California relatives since June 5th. Yikes!!! It is hard to be away from the little one for so long. My only request of Linda (and Evelyn) when they left was that Evelyn not learn to walk while she is out there, as I would hate to miss those first tentative steps. It looks like my wish will be fulfilled as the little one is still 'scootching' along. They are due back on Monday and suffice it to say I can't wait.

Early summer is firefly season in Vermont. Although I have a vague recollection that I said something similar a year ago, here it is again, with a little twist. Recently Linda and I purchased a 'mosquito magnet', which is a device that runs on (strangely enough) both propane and electricity to capture and kill the little critters. It is surprisingly effective and so for the first time I can sit in the yard on nice summer evenings and not get eaten. I should say that our yard is a patch of grass about 100 ft. x 80 ft. surrounded by woods on three sides and the house on the fourth side.

The other evening I returned from a meeting just after dark and since it was warm I sat out in the newly mosquito free yard. The fireflies were just amazing. There must have been more than a hundred of them in the grass, in the trees and flying around. It was really easy to remembe the magic of this place.



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