Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Repurposed Life

When I travel, I like to bring back inexpensive little souveniers for the members of my department at work. When we sailed on the Queen Mary II, I brought small tins of mint candies that had a picture of the QM2 on the lid. Today I received this email message from one of my coworkers:

I've just finished the last mint that you'd given me from the QM2. Thanks again for thinking of us in your travels. I thought you might be interested to know that this tin will, at some point, be repurposed. It will become a geocache container.

The size of this tin qualifies it as a mini cache. In the description of various caches, the size of the container is listed to give those who are looking for it an idea of how difficult the cache is going to be to find once they arrive at the coordinates. This tin will have a log book placed inside of it with a trophy prize for the first find, and maybe a few trinket prizes for those who find it after that. Most of the time the geocachers who take something from a find leave something in its place so tokens remain for subsequent successful seekers. Since this cache will be registered, geocachers the world over will be able to load the coordinates into their GPS and follow the hints given to find this tin!

The uniqueness of this container opens it up for all kinds of wonderful clues and prizes. This tin might possibly contain a "Travel Bug", that's a registered token, where cachers will take it and relocate in a different cache and log the travel bug number and the coordinates where it was found. Online the travel bug can be tracked as it travels the globe. Thanks for the good candy and the great caching container!

QM2 Tin

Wow! I had never heard of geocaching before. You blog was so intriguing I googled and found and read all about it! I hope I am the first person to find your tin! Thanks for expanding my horizons.
If you want to find the QM2 tin, you'll have to make some travel plans. I'm pretty sure my coworker will conceal it somewhere here in central Florida.

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