Tuesday, June 05, 2007


CaterpillarJudi has always wanted butterflies in her yard, so when she learned that butterflies like passion vines, she put a couple of them in. She's been watching anxiously ever since, and, a little over a week ago, she discovered...

...caterpillars! Caterpillars are, as you know, the necessary prerequisite for butterflies. She's very excited! Every day she goes out to conduct a Caterpillar Census, noting how many there are of each size (tiny, medium, and fat). Typically, bugs (except ladybugs) send Judi into hysterics, but she's completely captivated by these ugly caterpillars ("Boy, there really ugly, aren't they," she said to me, in a voice of utter fascination).

The one passion vine (no caterpillars on the other yet) is pretty well munched up, but leaves grow back. We are now awaiting cocoons, to be followed by newly emerging butterflies. We have both watched, at The Butterfly Farm in St. Martin, a newly emerged butterfly carefully unfold its wings, beat them slowly to dry, and then tentatively launch into the early morning air on its very first flight. It's something to see.



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