Monday, May 07, 2007


IconI heard about a year ago that "they" were intending to make a live action movie based on the old Underdog TV show. Well, now "they" have, "they" being Disney. Underdog of course is played by a beagle. Four beagles, actually. A California beagle named Leo gets most of the face shots, but three others filled in as stunt beagles, body doubles, etc. Here's the official Web site. I recommend that you watch the trailer. It's wonderful:

IconI love the way his ears flap when he's flying, and the way he shades his eyes with his paw. For you northern-Californians, the Gallery includes a shot of Underdog flying over a fog-enshrouded Golden Gate Bridge. Very cool. Although the one of him and the Statue of Liberty is my favorite.

I was surprised to find that Polly Prebred is played by a spaniel. I had always pictured her as a poodle.

The movie is due out on August 8th. It goes without saying that Judi and I will have to see it.



Seriously bro, I worry about you sometime, but since we have had the Underdog vs. Rocky and Bullwinkle discussion before I won't repeat it here. I must admit though that the shading of the eyes with the paw was pretty cute.

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