Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stylin' and Profiln' -- Long-Time-No-See Department

I haven't posted a Stylin' and Profiln' entry in a long time, so I humbly offer these shoes. These shoes are available as small as size 6, but their name only comes in a size 11:

Sketchers Bikers Sightsee Fashion-Forward Mary Janes

These shoes are called (I kid you not): Sketchers(R) 'Bikers Sightsee' Fashion-Forward Mary Janes. I can just see some teenager shouting downstairs, "Mom! Have you seen my Sketchers Bikers Sightsee Fashion-Forward Mary Janes? Mom?"

And then there's this skirt:

Puff the Magic Dragon

I'm not sure what to make of this skirt. It seems to call more attention to the prominence of the wearer's butt than the wearer's butt may want. But more than that, in some strange way, this skirt strongly reminds me of an animal. I just can't put my finger on which animal.... A chicken? A peacock? Puff the Magic Dragon?

What do you think?


i vote dragon. i also think this skirt calls attention to the fact that the wearer has bad taste.
The biker chick sneakers would be wasted on teens. The skirt is hideous -- I love it!
it's the muddy peacock flaminco dancing skirt.

and i agree with heather: it loudly calls attention not only to the hind quarters but the wearer's uhm, questionable fashion sense.

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