Friday, May 04, 2007


Alas, my bro is correct that I have been very busy lately and have neglected my primary task, which is to give Evelyn updates.

Yikes! The little one turns one year old on the 17th! How in the world did so much time go by? (Gush alert). She is so cute!!! She can now stand up on her own, although she prefers to have something to hold onto. She still can't walk on her own but it isn't too far ahead. With mobility and a greater sense of self (and exploration) comes more fun than I thought possible. She is learning to modulate her voice and so we have long conversations of meaningless syllables that range up and down the scale. Or at least we try to - we usually only manage a few exchanges before we both start laughing. Her favorite games also include playing with the ball (knocking it back and forth, sometimes in our direction). We try reading to her. The books hold her attention for about 2 minutes before she is overcome by a powerful urge to find out what they taste like.

She still doesn't sleep through the night. Our latest routine is that Linda will feed her around 7pm after which I will hold her, rock her and sing until she falls asleep. It is so amazing to look into her eyes as the tiredness overcomes her and she drifts off. Usually she will end up the night in bed with us - there is little that is better than waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a perfect sleeping baby there next to you.

It has been quite a year.


happy birthday evelyn! i had an idea that time was flying by before but with kids, this is so much more apparent! that's awesome she's close to walking, val is and giving me a heart attack ten times a day. she's trying to run now, not needing to hold mommy's hand anymore. =/

and yeah, nothing is better than rolling over and seeing your baby happily asleep next to you. perhaps this is why i'm having a hard time letting her sleep in her own room. =D
Happy Birthday Evelyn! The post about you reminds me of my daughter's first birthday (22 years ago!). She was not even crawling and we were so worried but she could talk in sentences! The minute she was 13 months she stood up and toddled across the room. Kids! I still kiss her head the way I did when she was a baby. Nothing is more joyous.

I realized after writing the post that the truth is that when I see Evelyn sleeping in the morning it takes my breath away. Every day. How is that possible?

The little tyke still doesn't have much hair and what she does have is very fine and sparse (Linda's family has a history of hair coming in late). Linshaolin's comment reminded me that when I carry her in the frontpack now the top of her head is right at my chin level. I love kissing the back of her head and feeling that soft baby hair!

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