Friday, May 18, 2007


After some poking around on the Internets Tubes, I've finally discovered the genesis of the skirt that I pictured in my last post (scroll down a little).

It seems that there's a new product, about to be released but still mostly secret, called Fart 'n Fly. This product plugs into -- well, you can figure out what it plugs into -- and it redirects farts downward to create thrust. After fueling up, say with a big bowl of refried black beans, the Fart 'n Fly provides vertical lift that allows one to take to the air, in pretty much the same way that Professor John Robinson used to fly with the jet pack on Lost in Space. (Speaking of Lost in Space, I have a coworker who can exactly mimic the "bloop" sound that Debbie, Penny's pet Bloop -- that thinly-disguised chimp -- made.)

Anyway, as you can plainly see, the Fart 'n Fly requires special attention to clothing. The Fart 'n Flier must leave an open path for the exhaust gasses, while still maintaining modesty. A long skirt is just the thing. But, as you can imagine, the build-up of heat is considerable. And what could be more embarrassing than having one's skirt ignite during flight?

So, those funny ruffles down the back of the skirt? Cooling fins. Take my word for it.


I will never be able to look at a ruffle again without laughing.

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