Wednesday, April 18, 2007


In the last few days Linda and I passed another new parent milestone. We made our first late night visit to a hospital emergency room with the little one. In retrospect it wasn't too serious, but when she developed a 102 degree fever at about 10:30 Monday night we were fairly concerned. It didn't help that we were visiting Boston at the time. Had we been home we would have just called her doctor. Of course, had we been home we wouldn't have had to hunt around for a drug store so we could buy a thermometer. (This was our second trip to Boston. During the first, several years ago, Linda developed an infection in her foot that required intraveneous anti-biotics every other day for a week. I think we will stay out of Boston for a while.) So we took Evelyn in and had her checked out. They could find no ear or throat infections so they gave her something for the fever and sent us home. She seems more or less fine now, although I think she is still a little under the weather. Poor thing. There are few things as pathetic as a sick infant. All they know is that it hurts, and they can't even tell you where or what it feels like.


Glad your wee one is feeling better! The foot infection story reminds me of when I was at the Vatican during a Papal audience in which He was blessing the sick -- I developed blood poisoning from a cut in my foot and had to be carried away by the Swiss Guard. So if Boston is bad for you stay away from Rome!

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