Monday, March 19, 2007


OK, so living in a small town I don't get a lot of opportunity to overhear keen remarks that provide either comedy or insight into the world in which we live. We pretty much keep our remarks to ourselves since although you never know who is standing behind you in line at the post office, you can be pretty sure that whoever it is will probably be sitting next to you at the next community supper. Under such circumstances the entire town learns to keep their comments to themselves for the sake of peace.

It is sometimes quite amusing to see new people in town get (for example) all indignant with the people behind the counter at the convenience store only to realize later that the next store is 5 miles down the road (and the next one after that is 10 miles down the road). Yes, it does pay to hold one's tongue.

So when something truly interesting comes along I just can't help but share it, even if you have probably already heard in on your friendly NPR station. A few days ago they aired a piece of filler in which certain characters tried to sing the classic '99 bottles of beer on the wall' using roman numerals. Later on I tried it, getting as far as 98 before getting thoroughly confused. Try it, it is really hard. 'C' is easy, but just try the line 'XCIX bottles of beer on the wall."



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