Monday, March 26, 2007

Exploring the 3rd dimension

From the Vermont bro: Many years ago I read a short book entitled, if I remember correctly, 'Flatland', in which a two dimensional creature spends quite a bit of time explaining to a one dimensional creature that there are in fact two dimensions. Again if I remember correctly, the book ends with an agreement between the two that there can be no such thing as a creature that exists in three dimensions.

I thought about this as I was watching Evelyn the other day. She is getting very adept at pulling herself up, and while she still travels on all fours (except when we are holding her little hands to provide some much needed stability) once she gets to her destination she will most often pull herself up to her full height. Often this destination is our pants leg, so Linda and I have been very careful about how we move recently.

Back to Flatland. It wasn't too long ago when Evelyn's perspective was from a single point. When we lay her down on her back she had no choice but to stay there. Then she slowly became a two dimensional creature. First she learned to locomote by rolling over and over and then she learned to crawl. Suddenly the floor was her oyster. Now she is discovering the magic of everything that is within about 15 inches of the floor, or at least things that are within 15 inches of the floor and are next to something she can use to pull herself up with.

Needless to say this has only served to further her scientific pursuits. These days she is engaged in an indepth study of the nature and constancy of gravity. It sure keeps us busy. And entertained.


Ahah! The missing link between mathematics and child-rearing! I smell a Nobel Prize nomination coming.
Yes, and the lucky part is that given Evelyn's sleeping habits I will be awake when the call comes in from Sweden at 3AM.

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