Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wen's Fiver meme

These things are hard.

5 Pet "People Peeves"

  1. People who walk slow and also block the way so you can't get past them.

  2. People who drive slow in the left-hand lane.

  3. Cashiers who continue to hold personal conversations with customers even though they've finished checking them out and there's a line waiting.

  4. Doctors and veterinarians who make you wait long past the time for your appointment.

  5. People who work ineffectively or inefficiently, and in doing so waste your time while you wait for them to get something done.

Anyone notice a theme here? ;-)

5 Drink I Like (in no particular order)

  1. Ice tea, and that's unsweetened and with lemon or lime. (Sweetened tea is just gross.)

  2. Virgil's root beer.

  3. Orange juice.

  4. Grgich Hills Fume Blanc ($25 a bottle at the winery)

  5. Yellowtail Shiraz ($6 a bottle or less at Walmart -- hey, I have cheap tastes, too)

5 Board or Card Games I Enjoy

Sorry, I'm not going to be able to answer this one. I'm not very competitive by nature. I don't enjoy competing against people, I don't get any pleasure when I win, and I'm not disappointed when I lose. I guess when it comes to social interaction I'm more of a Socialist than a Capitalist. It's not that I shirk conflict and struggle -- Lord knows I have plenty of both at work -- it's just that I don't enjoy them, so I'm not really into games. When I was young I enjoyed playing chess, but I never got very good at it, and now I'm so rusty that the freeware chess program on my Palm Pilot can routinely beat me. But I do like puzzles, and I guess there's one game I like:

  1. Trivial Pursuit

But before I leave the topic, I'd like to offer an observation about very competitive people. By "very competitive" people I don't mean those of you who simply enjoy playing games -- there's nothing wrong with that. I mean those who are obsessed with winning, and can't stand to lose. Me, I just don't get it. I know one person (not Judi) who throws temper tantrums when she loses card games, and has sometimes insisted that we rotate seats at the table while playing bridge, because we-who-are-winning are in the "lucky chairs" and that's unfair to she-who-is-losing. Once her eleven-year-old grandson caught her cheating at Monopoly -- I ask you, what kind of person so has to win that she cheats on her eleven-year-old grandson? There have been times when I've deliberately thrown a game just so she could win and we would avoid a scene. And it seems to me that people who are very poor losers are also very poor winners. "Poor winners" as in gloaters. To me, it's just not worth it.

5 Things in my Bag/Purse/Briefcase

I carry neither bag nor purse nor briefcase, so you'll have to settle for my pockets:

  1. Small pocket knife (a gift from Judi).

  2. Miniature pen.

  3. A keyring with that multitude of little plastic cards you have to carry so you can get the discounts at grocery stores, pet supply stores, etc.

  4. Lip balm (perpetually dry lips).

  5. My drivers license, credit card, insurance card, id cards, etc., all bound together by a rubber band (I don't carry a wallet).

5 Qualities I Possess

This is a little too subjective for my taste. I'm just going to stick to the one quality that I know everyone will agree with:

  1. Disorganized

5 Friends/Family members who each possess one of the above qualities

Well, I'm not going to call someone disorganized on the Internets tubes, and besides, I have a thing about mentioning people by name unless they also have blogs and can defend themselves. Or at least are dead. Privacy, you know. So I'll list just one quality that my brother possesses, since he can post a rebuttal here if he so chooses:

  1. My brother, Glenn, is very funny. As in, comedian-type funny. Not weird-type funny.

5 Things I Ate This Week

  1. Fried pickles (yum)

  2. Bacon cheese fries (yum)

  3. Macaroni and cheese (yum)

  4. Oranges fresh from the tree (yum)

  5. Yesterday I had to eat my workplace cafeteria food for lunch (yuck)

5 Places I Would Like to Visit in the Next Year

I'm limiting this to places I actually have a chance of visiting:

  1. Bonaire (again)

  2. Curacao (hopefully part of the same trip as Bonaire)

  3. Miami Beach (for Spring Break)

  4. New Hampshire (for the Pumpkin Festival in Keene)

  5. Um... if I make all the previous trips, I don't know if I'll be able to afford a fifth one. How about a trip to an Orlando theme park, maybe in September?



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