Thursday, February 01, 2007

Scaring myself

Heather tapped me for a meme that apparently asks me to reveal five deep dark secrets. I'm sorry, but when the adjectives "deep" and "dark" are used to modify the noun "secret," there are reasons, and "to expose it the entire world on the Internet" is not one of them. But if you're really all that interested in five things that are not deep and not dark and not secrets but that you may not know about me, you can read this post from last May and scroll down to "Five Things People Would Be Surprised You Have." Except that I no longer have the four cases of Forest Glen Chardonnay. :)

Anyway (there's always an "anyway"), Heather got me to thinking about my deep dark secrets, and I decided to take inventory. It's something I've never done before. I actually thought I had only one deep dark secret, but when I asked myself, "Self, what things would you never, ever want anyone to know, even after you're dead," I remembered... well, that thing, and... that other time, and... well, I have a lot more deep dark secrets than I thought. In fact, as the list of deep dark secrets got longer and longer, I began to feel less and less comfortable with myself. I began to wonder if maybe I didn't want me living in the same house with myself. And I wondered...

...are we all like this, inside?


Not everybody, just those who have taken the time to look.
i think this is pretty normal, yeah, as long as you've been around the block a few times.

also i didn't choose anything dark, and not particularly deep, even tho that's what the original meme said. i just chose things that i figured no one reading my blog would know. so if you think about it like that, you're really not off the hook since the earlier entry doesn't count. ;-)

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