Sunday, February 11, 2007


So once again my bro has gone off on an adventure and left me to post. Not that I mind, but to tell the truth life just isn't so exciting that there is much to post about. One of the curses and blessings of living in a small town. The kicker is that Linda and Evelyn are spending a few weeks with Linda's family in California, so I don't even have an Evelyn update. I do confess to going through pretty serious withdrawal from the little one, and the fact that I can actually sleep through the night in her absence doesn't make up for her not being around (and, oh yes, I miss my wife too!).

So here are a few random items that are probably too sappy to post while my bro is watching:

At eight months Evelyn still has only two teeth, but those two are growing nicely. I really enjoy running my fingers over them and regret that there will probably come a day when she will object to me sticking my finger in her mouth whenever I want. At least she doesn't bite it!

One of my favorite morning rituals is washing the tiny fingerprints off of my glasses, left there the previous evening during Evelyn's explorations.

Evelyn discovered the magic of Kleenex boxes the other day; that magic being that there is always another Kleenex to replace the one you pulled out. At least she never got the chance to find out that eventually there aren't anymore tissues as I rescued the box when she was about half way through.


heh, the item that got the MOST play time? package of travel kleenex.

val's teeth are coming in and DAMN, she can bite hard!

keep posting evelyn stuff, i'm sure even gs wants to hear the sappy stuff. =)

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