Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lunch today (for Liz and Andrea)

We (Judi and I) got to meet Liz and Andrea today! And, Liz and Andrea, you were fun and funny and intelligent and all that (the "otter" comment was hilarious), but... we're afraid we have to say it... sorry Liz and Andrea, as great as you were, you were so totally upstaged by Val. She is the most adorable little girl we've ever seen! (Caveat: We haven't met Evelyn yet.) Judi says to tell you that Val makes her so wish that she had had a little girl, but the fates worked out that she had only boys. And Judi says to tell you that she's glad you've relented on the pink issue, because that outfit today was beyond cute.

Judi also asked me to mention that she is very shy in social situations (which is true, she is), and she hopes you realize how much she enjoyed the lunch. And also that she hopes you aren't offended that she didn't ask to hold Val, but she knew she had a runny nose and lots of symptoms from her allergies, and she didn't want to seem like she might be giving Val an infection or anything.



i tried to leave a comment but blogger was being persnickity!

t and i are bummed we missed the lunch, but as i'm STANDING at my desk wearing boxers two sizes too big becuase the rash is so bad (think weeping at this point--both the rash and what i want to do) it was a wise call.

maybe next time we are in fl we can hook up!!

big hugs to both you and judi!
hey! thanks for lunch again, it was lovely to finally meet you after all these years of haikuing. judi was very nice and i appreciate her explaining that her sniffles were due to allergies. val apologizes for being cranky and making us split early.

hope you had a nice time visiting the city, where did you end up going for panoramic views?
We decided to take the N train and transfer to the F streetcar to Nob Hill and that tower you told us about. But, after buying our MUNI tickets from the little machine and standing on the platform for a bit, a MUNI employee came along and told us that the N line wasn't running because the overhead power had gone out, they didn't know why. So we walked to where we could catch the F line, only to find that the F line wasn't running (in that area, anyway) either, because of some big bicyle race. Whoever heard of a Tour of California, anyway? So after all these snafus we ended up in Union Square where I had a big, wide, truly panoramic view of a lot of money exiting my pocket. :) But we enjoyed ourselves. Thanks! Maybe we'll get to see you again in September. It will give us a good excuse to go back and do the parks again.

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